No – You’re not selfish for saying ‘no’ to people, so you can create and be the leader you’ve decided to be.

This is real stuff – you gotta take the time that you need to take action towards what you want and this is easy when you are in the right energy.

When you are in the right mindset and energy your actions are taken quickly, people connect with you and drop a message asking how they can work with you – because they see you are on fire!

Doing this take courage and attitude and you become BOLD in the process.

And you get PAID as you’re the full version of who you want to be already (because you become that person when you stand for yourself and you make a difference in people as consequence, as they start loving your energy and want more and more of it)

You’re building an empire and you gotta respect your time first, so you can do what you need to.

When you embody the version of you that make the money you want to make and step into your next level version, you embody also the attitude and boundaries so you can protect your time and energy.

If you’re too worry with being nice to people (that it’s not even your ideal client) or caring about what everyone is going to think about you, you won’t grow the business of your dreams (at least not in the time you want to create)

So when you manifest abundance and big cash months as your new normal

You grow as a leader and you learned to respect your time and your desires (because we’ve all learned to be the “good girl” or not “super nice person” that does what please others, then we forget to honor ourselves and who we are)

That’s with everything – you gotta love yourself unconditionally and let go the fear of being YOU and fully loving yourself.

You step into a new realm of possibilities when you EMBRACE YOU and you create boundaries to protect your energy, your desires as whole and you are just embodying the LEADER who has everything you ever wanted.

It’s yours, you embrace, you feel it, you’re take as your new normal and you manifest your dreams and desires quickly – because you shift and you take a leap into quantum instantly change of the reality.

It’s yours, it’s done and you receive it ($10k months, magnetic clients to you, all the abundance that you desire – yeahhh it’s all yours when you decide it!)