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Let’s have the real talk, you already have everything inside of you to make bank and attract the clients you’re dreaming about, you need to believe in you in your offers and take your power back to make your big dreams to come true.

Let’s unleash your inner power and make big cash months with your message and your business, if you’re determine to do that and you had tried everything in the market (courses, spending a fortune on facebook ads, lie awake at night thinking about your debts, sell your program for low prices, spend hours of your day posting on facebook and get no engagement, avoid look into your bank account as you know you don’t have enough money)

Here is the thing….. you know you have a gift that you need to share but you don’t know how to do it. You don’t know the step by step and you’re way overcomplicating stuff.

Truth. Selling out your packages and services it’s a lot easier than you think.

Hello, I’m Ana Lira!

I still remember, when I first started my business I was the coach trying to fit in and look like the top coaches. I had no experience and also no believe much in what I was doing.

So I thought, I gotta learn from the big ones in the market. The thing is I started to modelling them and losing my own personality as I feel that I had to do this and that before having a successful business. I was modelling my business and people that wasn’t me!! I was scared and kept filtering myself to something that I was not.

In my mind I needed a fancy website, I gotta have “that much money and that many clients” before feeling good enough to run my business.

Here is the thing. Your business and your brand is you. You just need your own power and that is what I did.

I had enough!

I was months without having a paying client and stressing over bills after lose my job, I decided that it was no option of rather making this work.

So I got support from another coach at the time, spend more than 5K when I had no job, make not excuse to not make it work. I fully commit to make my business happen. I felt scared but I did anyway, many days I had to fight with my own thoughts, beliefs and limitations that came up for me, but I didn’t quit on my dreams because fears, the results was I got double of my investment in the first month and kept consistently!

I got my first client within a week and two more clients in the same month, the best? I don’t put any ads or didn’t even had a sales page, I did all while having fun. I wasn’t anymore spending hours on social media, instead I was relaxing going watching movies, shopping in nice stores, taking care of myself, talking to friends and drinking cocktails!

How that happen? I dive inside myself and find my own power. Start to operate from a place of empowerment and abundance, find myself crying, journaling and having a lot of breakthroughs and start to feel my superpowers underneath all that.

I know you also have all that, you’re meant for more and to make a difference that’s why you’re here. You can cash with your expertise and change people lives in a big way!

You can also create incredible cash months to pay your bills, go out with family for vacation around the world, go to fancy restaurants anytime you want, live the lifestyle you deserve because this is your turn of getting paying clients, making lots of money, do your own rules and have fun with the business you have in hands!

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This is my gift to you! 

This is for you if: You are a coach or service provider that are driven, you know you have a gift to share with the world. You are ready to make your business profitable, generating big cash months & clients with your offers and programs.